Carroll County, Ohio
399 sq miles
119 South Lisbon Street, Suite 203 Carrollton, Ohio 44615
Mon-Fri 8am-4pm
Effective May 18, 2020, The Ohio Department of Taxation updated DTE FORM 100. Please be sure to use the new form. Otherwise you will need to complete the new form when you arrive at our office. Thank you!
Temporary Modification of Courthouse Operations

Beginning June 1, 2020, the courthouse is open to the public during the following hours: The courthouse hours for the public will be Monday - Friday 9AM-3PM. In addition to those hours, the at-risk public also has access Monday - Friday 8AM-9AM. The Auditors office is still available Monday - Friday 8AM-4PM. We have a lot of information available on our website: If your business can be handled without an in-person visit, we do encourage that during this time. Our contact information is also available via the website. Dog tags can be purchased online. Please visit the Recorder's website for e-filing options:…/recorders-office/ As always, if you have a question, please give us a call at 330-627-2250.